First in a Series: 12 Reasons to Become a Union Electrician

Do you like to work with your hands? Is college or an office job not all that appealing to you? Do you want to make a very good living and learn a marketable, lifetime skill?


Contact the Warren Electrical JATC for information on becoming an electrician apprentice in Trumbull County.

Considering a career in the building trades is a good place to start. The construction industry is booming right here in the Mahoning Valley, and we’re looking for the next generation of union electricians to help us address projected demand and an aging workforce.


To be considered for an electrician apprentice position in Mahoning County, contact the YJATC.

Over the next few weeks we will publish several articles in a series of “reasons to become a union electrician.” You might be pleasantly surprised about what you learn. The trade is not for everyone, but if you have what it takes you can be set for life.

The 12 reasons include:
1. College isn’t for everyone, but a good career opportunity is
2. Foundation for many career paths/success story
3. Excellent pay and benefits
4. No prior experience necessary
5. Earn as you learn from experienced journeymen
6. Construction sites are our classrooms
7. Work with your hands
8. No student loan debt
9. Earn college credit while you learn the trade
10. Women are great electricians
11. In-demand career
12. Work in the Mahoning Valley

Continue to check in with us as we cover each of these 12 reasons listed above in the next few weeks. Meanwhile, for more information about local electrician apprentice programs in Youngstown and Warren , visit