National broadcast segment highlights “Joe” Dickey Electric, IBEW Local 573’s work at GM Lordstown

“Joe” Dickey Electric and IBEW Local 573’s work on the massive GM Lordstown solar array is featured on the national NECA-IBEW organization’s “Electric TV” online broadcast.

View the segment by clicking here.

A film crew was in town last month producing the 4-minute feature story, where it interviewed several local individuals involved in the project.

In late December, a crew of journeyman electricians from “Joe” Dickey Electric, a NECA-IBEW Electricians contractor, and IBEW Local 573 helped complete an 8,550-panel, 6.8-acre large, 2.5 million kWh per year solar array that’s GM’s largest in the western hemisphere.


Steve Fife, crew foreman for “Joe” Dickey Electric, was interviewed as part of Electric TV’s segment on work Dickey and IBEW Local 573 performed on a solar array at GM Lordstown.

“The IBEW guys did a fantastic job. They did everything we asked of them. Dickey Electric did great. They were fantastic to work with; very professional, very skilled and they helped us deliver on our promise and commitment to General Motors,” said Granger Souder, managing executive for Solcient Energy, a Toledo, Ohio, company that developed the project.

The segment also reported on an interior project at the plant that involved the installation of highly efficient LED lights to replace fluorescent bulbs; work also performed over the past three years by “Joe” Dickey Electric and IBEW Local 573. The switch will save an estimated 84 percent on lighting costs. is sponsored by the National Electrical Contractors Association and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.