“Joe” Dickey Electric steps up as United Way Change Maker

(From left to right): Dave Dickey (“Joe” Dickey Electric), Bob Hannon (United Way) and Eric Carlson (“Joe” Dickey Electric) at a recent meeting announcing Dickey Electric as a Change Maker for the United Way of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley.

With an emphasis on supporting the community, “Joe” Dickey Electric is giving back by becoming a Change Maker sponsor for the United Way of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley.

“Typically, we’re involved with the United Way, being part of special and little projects throughout the year,” said Eric Carlson, president, “Joe” Dickey Electric. “This year, we stepped up. Bob Hannon and his team came to us and asked us to be a Change Maker sponsor.”

As a Change Maker sponsor, Dickey was one of 14 companies in the Mahoning Valley to make a significant donation of $10,000 to the United Way, who is celebrating its centennial anniversary in 2019.

The company is also encouraging its employees to contribute as well, hoping to help fill the void of GM Lordstown possibly shutting down.

“This workplace campaign is new for us this year,” Carlson said. “We’re excited for our employees to help us and the United Way, live united and make a difference.”

For the United Way, this new campaign is critical for continuing its mission.

“One idea we had was to identify companies that have a brand name in the community and have supported United Way,” said Bob Hannon, president, United Way of Youngstown and Mahoning Valley. “We call it the Change Makers. We identified 14 companies, who all made significant gifts and stepped up to support our work.”

And, the partnership between Dickey Electric and the United Way seemed like a perfect fit.

“This is crucial for United Way to be partnering with Dickey,” he said. “I think when people see names like Dickey Electric partnering with United Way, it adds credibility.”

Hannon also commented how the United Way has changed over the last four years, focusing on helping children and families who face barriers to success, such as academics, food and clothing.

“We have 700 children staying after school. They get academic and enrichment support.”

For Carlson and Dickey Electric, this is an opportunity to continue their community outreach.

“We’ve always been active with our schools, contracting associations, organizations that help kids and the disadvantaged, and the Rescue Mission,” Carlson said. “So United Way was just a perfect fit for us to keep helping. This is our community, and where we live and work. This is something very important to ‘Joe’ Dickey Electric.”