(Part 2 of 4) What is NECA? 3 unique advantages of NECA electrical contractors

How can you spot a NECA electrical contractor and why should you care? NECA contractors make a difference, both in the quality of their work and their positive impact in the community.

NECA, a national organization with a chapter locally in the Mahoning Valley, is the voice of the electrical construction industry. Its contractors set industry standards for traditional and integrated electrical systems and lead the industry in the practical application of new technologies.

Santon Electric and Canfield Chipotle

Boardman’s Santon Electric is a NECA contractor working on a new commercial building in Canfield.

You can trust NECA contractors to deliver the performance that’s required of your project, and can be assured of these three unique advantages inherent in each one.

  1. Highest standards of excellence. Pride in workmanship and quality results drive NECA contractors on every jobsite. When they’re performing a job, they also know they’re auditioning for the next job. Every project carries their signature. They know the worth of their reputation, and they’re confident they’ll earn your trust.
  2. Experts at the top of their field. NECA contractors know and embrace the latest technology. They’re always learning, always staying ahead, and uniquely able to understand their customers’ needs and apply the innovative solutions to meet them.
  3. Employ the best, most reliable workforce in the industry. Where the rubber meets the road is where NECA contractors truly shine. Getting the job done right the first time, on time and without disrupting a customer’s business is the goal of every project.
TriArea Electric and Mahoning County Courthouse

Youngstown’s Tri-Area Electric is a NECA contractor working on the Mahoning County Courthouse renovations.

Choosing the right electrical contractor makes all the difference. Contact a Mahoning Valley NECA contractor to discuss your next project.

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