Tri-Area Electric, University Electric makes the grade with local school construction work

Where back-to-school is concerned, NECA-IBEW Electricians member contractors are firmly atop the honor roll.

Our contractors and union electricians are the go-to resources for electrical work on multi-phase, time-sensitive projects like new school construction.

Tri Area Electric Youngstown

Tina Long-Baldwin is part of Tri-Area Electric’s crew working on an 18-month new construction build of a new K-8 school in Cortland.

It’s projects like these where entire communities can be impacted if iron-clad timelines aren’t met. Quality and reliability are also paramount, as are experienced crews and a camaraderie among the various trades working the jobsite simultaneously.

Tri-Area Electric of Youngstown is working two new school construction sites in Trumbull County. The Lakeview and Champion school districts are each about six months into 16-18 month builds of new K-8 school buildings in their respective communities.

Tri-Area Electric Youngstown

Journeyman wireman Ron Mathews works the Lakeview K-8 school project for Tri-Area Electric.

“We have a proven track record of getting schools done on time and right the first time,” said Jim Spatholt, site supervisor for Tri-Area Electric on both jobs. “That might sound trite, but with so much on the line you can’t take those qualities for granted.”

At the Lakeview site, plans are to move furniture and equipment into the new building from the adjacent existing building soon after school is out in May. Soon enough to allow time for demolition of the old building and for construction of a parking lot for the new school; a parking lot that Tri-Area will light.

For both buildings, Tri-Area is handling everything electrical, including technology, security, sound systems, lighting, fire alarms and voice/data. LED lighting in common areas will be controlled by relays, while classrooms will use sensors.

Tri-Area also performed the electrical work in the renovation of Potential Development’s elementary school in Youngstown on a tight timeline.

University Electric of Youngstown was also active with school-related renovation work, completing timely projects at Cardinal Mooney, Ursuline and St. Rose Elementary in Girard this summer.

NECA-IBEW Electricians is an association of IBEW-represented electricians and signatory electrical contractors serving the Mahoning Valley.    

Cardinal Mooney Ursuline electrical work NECA-IBEW Electricians

Both Cardinal Mooney and Ursuline high schools trusted their summer electrical projects to NECA-IBEW Electricians member contractor University Electric.