Southwire demo, donation gives YJATC valuable exposure to latest equipment and tools

Taking the grunt work out of the jobsite was the theme of the day for more than 30 journeymen and apprentice electricians attending a Southwire equipment demonstration.

Two reps from the equipment manufacturer held a two-day training and demonstration on cable pulling and conduit bending for NECA-IBEW Electricians journeymen, apprentices and contractors at the newly constructed Youngstown Area Electrical JATC.

YJATC and Southwire 2

Southwire’s Tom Charles demonstrates equipment as part of a training and product demo session for IBEW Local 64 apprentices.

Participants were wide-eyed at the ease in which the sometimes physical task of pulling wire through a complex setup could be done using the new technology Southwire brought.

“The intent is to introduce our members to new equipment before they see it in the field, both to learn how to operate it skillfully and safely set it up,” said Ed Emerick, training director, Youngstown Area Electrical JATC. “Keeping our members informed about the latest tools and equipment, and better yet giving them hands-on opportunities to work with it, proves invaluable on the jobsite.

YJATC and Southwire

Third-year YJATC apprentice electrician Charlie Grimes gets hands-on experience pulling wire at a training session conducted by Southwire.

“Southwire and the IBEW share a focus on education and training, and we’re grateful for their contributions to our apprentice programs.”

Southwire not only shared their training expertise with the local electricians and contractors, but they left the YJATC with $15,000 in new, donated equipment for apprentices and journeymen to train on.

“These guys are the future,” said Joe Gerardo, Southwire’s training manager. “We not only want to expose them to our brand, but show them the benefits in efficiency and safety of our tools in the field.”