CR Electric lights the way to energy savings for local schools

With the energy savings costs and rebates available, member contractor CR Electric has seen an increase of LED lighting projects.

Member contractor CR Electric is helping local school districts become cleaner and brighter thanks to newly installed LED lighting.

“We have several local schools, such as Howland, Liberty, Campbell, Lordstown and McDonald switching to LEDs,” said Nikki Copenhaver, project coordinator at CR Electric. “Between all of our projects, we’ve installed thousands of lamps and fixtures.”

With the green energy trend growing in the Mahoning Valley, Copenhaver is confident more schools and businesses will switch to LEDs.

“With the energy cost savings and rebates available, we’ve seen an increase in these projects, and they have definitely been keeping us busy. Pretty soon you’ll be able to see the Mahoning Valley from outer space,” Copenhaver said.

The process starts when a company comes in to perform a lighting audit, calculating the energy savings from switching over to LED fixtures and bulbs, which are known for their longer lifespan.

“LEDs can last up to four times longer than a fluorescent bulb and up to 40 times longer than your average incandescent light bulb,” Copenhaver said. “Less frequent replacement will lead to lower maintenance costs.”

In addition to lasting longer, LEDs are also safer.

“Traditional bulbs convert most of the energy used to power them directly into heat,” Copenhaver said. “LED lights eliminate the hazard of heat, which is the number one hazard when it comes to lighting.”

And the design flexibility of LED fixtures and bulbs is significant in these projects.

“It’s really interesting to take these old chandeliers and fixtures, and transform them with LED bulbs,” Copenhaver said. “It brings new life to these old schools and buildings.”

LED lighting can also help eliminate environmental issues that come from traditional lighting.

“LEDs are so much better for the environment as they contain no toxic chemicals,” Copenhaver said. “Your standard fluorescent bulbs contain chemicals such as mercury, and often are not properly disposed of.”

CR Electric is a member contractor of NECA-IBEW Electricians, an association of signatory Mahoning Valley electrical contractors and IBEW locals in Youngstown and Warren.