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Mazzella Electric solves unique challenge on Howland medical facility project

The most challenging aspect of Mazzella Electric’s ground-up build of a medical facility in Howland was a custom request from the customer for the X-ray room.

Ohio Endovascular required 480-amp service for the X-ray units as well as an underground trough in the X-ray room. Most of the rest of the project was standard commercial electrical piping and wiring, disconnects, service to the generator and new LED lighting. The building itself is certified energy efficient.

Joe Markle Mazzella Electric

Joe Markle managed the Ohio Endovascular electrical service project. One unique challenge involved a request to allow radiologists to change the color of the X-ray room from white to green at the flip of a switch.

“They trusted us to draw and build the X-ray room to what they wanted,” said Joe Markle, Mazzella project manager. “There were no prints to guide us; we did what needed to be done.”

A unique aspect of the project was the radiologists’ desire to allow the X-ray room lighting to change color from white to green at the flip of a switch.

“It’s not unusual to be presented with a challenge on a jobsite, like when a customer asks for something you’ve not done before,” Markle said. “And that’s where experience and training is valuable.”

The Mazzella team accomplished the task with strategic use of relays and a contactor to accommodate the special request.

Xray room white

Radiologists wanted the custom X-ray room to go from white to green light at the flip of a switch.

Markle managed and performed the bulk of the work on the project for Mazzella, which ran about six months. He’s been an electrician for 10 years, including the last 1.5 years with Mazzella.

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