Becdel Controls foreman Ryan Brant on second floor of wellness and recreation center.

Project Focus: Becdel Controls on the job at Warren wellness and recreation center

The steel outline of the new wellness and recreation center at Warren G. Harding High School can be seen towering between the school and Mollenkopf Stadium. Excitement in the community is building as contractors continue to pour hours of work into the construction.

Architects with Phillips Sekanick say the idea for the center started coming to fruition at the end of 2020. It’s been full speed ahead for DeSalvo Construction ever since. Becdel Controls is now stationed at the job for the next year to complete the electrical work.

New wellness and recreation center sits between Warren G. Harding H.S. and Mollenkopf Stadium

A walk-through of the wiring

Plans for the multi-million-dollar project include a track on both floors, a multi-sport practice area, yoga and sensory rooms, along with space for e-sports and robotics. New locker rooms have been built, and there is also a room for the band to use. The public is eventually going to have access to educational and health care services, as well as a student-run bistro.

Conduit from transformer runs to wall for main electrical panels

Ryan Brant is the foreman on the job for Becdel Controls. He says high voltage lines from the street run underground from the other side of the school to a transformer sitting next to the center. That breaks the voltage down further, and the conduit continues around the first floor to where the main panels will be installed.

“Those need to be strategically placed for things to go as planned. So, when the wall gets built, the panels are where they need to be,” Brant said.

Lines to supply power for main panels on first floor

Between the two floors, at least 25 panels will supply power to the building. Those include extra ones that may be needed in the future.

“There are multiple inspections for various portions of the project in order for everything to move on to the next steps,” Brant said.

One task at a time

Electricians recently finished wiring in the locker rooms – which took about two weeks. They’re also working on the area where golf simulators will be. That requires putting in the lights and getting ready for the projectors and screens.

Wiring for golf simulators requires projectors and screens

On the second floor, at least 300 yards of concrete was recently poured for the track. Fitness rooms and cardio equipment will be available for use there as well.

“Patio space is going on the second floor, and people will be able to see the football field from it,” Brant said.

Second floor includes track, fitness rooms, cardio equipment and patio overlooking football field.

He says a challenge of this project has been the detail and focus. There is constant communication, and Brant says there are daily meetings with all contractor heads to make sure everyone is on the same page.

“All the contractors have to be on top of what’s going on because things can derail very quickly,” Brant added.

Going beyond supplying power

He says his crew varies day-to-day, but typically several electricians are on the site. Becdel Controls is also responsible for work on the fire alarm system, tele-data/monitoring and smoke detectors. Adhering to code is the most important part of that process.  

Brant says part of the building will be ready for students in the fall. The hope is to have the entire complex finished by late next summer.

Becdel Controls is a member contractor of NECA-IBEW Electricians, an association of IBEW Local 64 in Youngstown, IBEW Local 573 in Warren and signatory electrical contractors throughout the Mahoning Valley.