Tri-Area Electric security gate

Tri-Area helps improve school safety at Potential Development

Tri-Area Electric is plugged in to student safety.

The North Jackson-based NECA-IBEW Electricians contractor recently finished a job running the electrical to new electronic security gates at the Potential Development School for Students with Autism Elementary/Middle School building on Market Street in Youngstown. They did the same at the adjacent staff and visitor parking lot and made repairs to the High School security gates across the street.

“The work was done to limit access to unauthorized people getting on school grounds and to keep the kids safe while they are on school property,” said Tri-Area Electric’s Greg Voytilla, who performed much of the work. “Access is controlled by key cards for staff and an intercom system for visitors to check in and request access.”

Tri-Area Electric security gate

Greg Voytilla of Tri-Area Electric was on the job running electrical to new motorized security gates at Potential Development school for students with autism in Youngstown.

Potential Development Executive Director Paul Garchar commissioned the project.

“Motorizing the gates at the Elementary/Middle School was an important part of the overall security improvements we made heading into this school year,” he said. “We want to keep the safety of our students, families and staff our main priority.”

Garchar added that the school made a significant investment in building a special needs, inclusive playground for the students last year. Being able to keep the gates closed over long weekends and breaks will help keep the playground equipment safe, he said.

Potential Development electrical box

Tri-Area Electric used directional boring to run conduit and wire under the parking lot to the gates so as not to tear up concrete and add cost to the job.

Tri-Area Electric used a directional boring technique to cut underneath the parking lot and run wire from the building to the gates, Voytilla said.

“This avoids disrupting the surface and creating a bigger mess, and it saves the customer from the expense of having to re-surface their lot,” Voytilla said.