VEC provides voice of “Apprentices as Future Leaders” at NECA Convention

For the last five years, the VEC, Inc. team has attended annual NECA Conventions across the country to learn and grow as a company while also presenting their own expertise to peers on a national level through breakout session speaking opportunities.

This past October, Mike Reiser, vice president for the Industrial Division, and Bruno Frate, vice president for Civil & Infrastructure, were chosen to present, “Invest Into Your Apprentices to Build Field Leaders,” at the 2022 NECA Convention, held in Austin, Texas.

Bruno Frate and Michael Reiser pose in front of their presentation's title page at the 2022 NECA Convention in Austin, Texas.

Bruno Frate and Michael Reiser stand in front of their presentation’s title page at the 2022 NECA Convention in Austin, Texas.

The two sought to emphasize the importance of investing in additional training and mentorship for apprentices, which will result in “a pool of instant future field leaders,” Reiser said.

“Taking the time to build and grow apprentices can have a major payoff in the future,” Reiser said.

Invest in your apprentices’ career development

Providing apprentices with additional training allows them to be more deeply connected and dedicated to the electrical industry. This, Reiser says, can strengthen the chances of apprentices continuing their careers with the contractors who trained them after topping out.

VEC is dedicated to the industry and the betterment of its employees, Reiser said.

Industry-leading technology is always changing, and VEC values keeping its employees up to date.

Convention planners seek out VEC for breakout sessions

Reiser says VEC values presenting at the conference as often as possible.

A major focus of their presentations is always to show other members of the national association the benefits of filling gaps that can exist in training; in this year’s case allowing apprentices to come out of their programs as well-rounded and ready for their careers as possible.

Bruno Frate and Michael Reiser give their presentation at the 2022 NECA Convention in Austin, Texas..

Mike Reiser leads off the presentation on investing in electrical apprentices to build future field leaders.

Embracing apprentices and exposing them to additional assignments to aid in their learning of field knowledge will help them feel valued and more willing to stay with you after completion of their education, Reiser said.

Additionally, Reiser says continuous “marketing and recruitment for apprentices is important” to maintain a pipeline of interested, qualified candidates.

VEC strives to be an industry leader in all that they do.

“Continuing to invest in training and operate with the latest and greatest when it comes to technology is very important to everyone at VEC,” Reiser said.