Vindicator op-ed — Strategies to Maintain a Drug-Free Workplace

IBEW Local 64 Business Manager Jim Burgham wrote an op-ed that was published in Sunday’s Youngstown Vindicator. The opinion piece explored the NECA-IBEW Electricians’ substance abuse policy and its impact on workplace safety.

May is Electrical Safety Month and one of the sometimes overlooked facets of jobsite safety is a drug-free workplace. As excerpt from the article:

“For the National Electrical Contractors Association – International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers electricians, it’s not enough to simply pass a drug test at the onset of employment. Being drug-free on the job at all times is critical and a matter of workplace safety. It’s a tenet we stand firmly behind and a requirement that differentiates our electricians and electrical contractors within our industry.

We saw the need years ago to provide a drug-free workforce not only as a value to our member contractors, but to protect the customer, as well.”

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